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Diet Pop Records is a music label out of Tucson, AZ started in 2013. Founded by Logan Greene to release his own music, it has expanded to other music of the southwest in order to expose and support some otherwise hidden talent. In just over a year, Diet Pop has published 10 releases including tapes, CDs and vinyl. While the project is mostly ran by Logan Greene and Lucille Petty, they are always open to input and suggestions from anyone. If you have any inquiries, please contact

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Dumb Luck - The Neighors [7"] - DPR024
Ash Williams - Pulsar [CD] - DPR023
Bogsey - Lazy Bones - DPR022
Diners - Three [CD] - DPR021
Sorrytown Flowerbeds [CD] - DPR020
Dubois / Secondaries - split [7"] - DPR019
Sorrytown Flowerbeds [CD] - DPR019
Logan & Lucille The Long and the Short Of It [CD/Lathe Cut] - DPR018
Butter Knifes - Live At The Trunk Space [tape] - DPR017
Logan & Lucille - s/t [Tape/CD] - DPR016
The Plurals - An Onion Tier To My Belt [12" Vinyl/CD] - DPR015
Karima Walker - Take Your Time EP [CD] - DPR014
Human Behavior - Bethphage [CD] - DPR013
Wolvves - Whatever [CD] - DPR012
Moon Bandits - Property Damage: A Love Story [CD] - DPR011
Logan Greene Electric - Dead Formats EP [CD] - DPR010
Lucille Petty - (Dis)Orientation [CD] - DPR009
Dogbreth - Sentimental Health [CD] - DPR008
Human Behavior - Eat The Wind [Cassette] - DPR007
Diners - Always Room LP [12" Vinyl] - DPR006
Human Behavior - Golgotha [CD] - DPR005
Logan Greene - Never Coming Home EP [CD] - DPR004
Ex-Cowboy - Self-titled [CD] - DPR003
Logan Greene Electric - Self-titled EP [CD] - DPR002
Logan Greene & The Bricks - Soylent Greene [CD] - DPR001