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Moon Bandits - Property Damage: A Love Story [sold out]

Property Damage: A Love Story, the latest from California's Moon Bandits, is a non-stop, radical, raucous folk-punk record and the band's best work to date. Banjo, violin, washboard and washtub bass fill the album and pair nicely with the thoughtful lyrics longing for a time free from oppression, servitude and patriarchy. Available on CD from Diet Pop Records or on Vinyl from Mountains Of Yucca. All orders come with accompanying zine!

1. Property Damage: A Love Song
2. Desperation
3. Fuck The Man
4. Growin Or Dyin
5. Its Gonna Roll
6. So Tired
7. It Aint So Easy
8. World War 3
9. JOE
10. Sea To See
12. Right In My Own Life
13. To Be Of Use
14. We Aint Lazy

Astrid Witchtree: Violin, Squeezebox, & Vox
Tommy Danger: Banjo, Lyrics, & Vox
Tiffany Thrasher: Bass & Vox
Andrew Trashbeast: Washboard & Vox
Rileigh Danger: Pure Radness

Recorded by Paul Roessler at Kitten Robot Studios in Los Angeles

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