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DINERS is a Phoenix, AZ band playing clean, fun pop-rock music influenced by shows, parties and sometimes nonsense. Band members Tyler Broderick, Andrew Kendall, Tristan Jemsek and Kyle Daniels have all played in various projects around Phoenix and have found a great harmony together as DINERS. Their debut release, Throw Me A Ten, received lots of attention in their native desert valley and Diet Pop Records is excited to have released its follow up in 2014 with Phat N Phunky. Buy the album HERE.

"The album Always Room is a work that portrays the modern day singers, tunesmiths, and songwriters in a electric, large expanse of space and yet intimate distances."
-Impose Magazine

" Like the band's remarkable debut, it's nearly impossible to get out of your head once you've listened, the kind of music made for driving with the windows down at night, probably home from some show. "
-Phoenix New Times

"The band's live performances carried the same earnest feeling amplified by the group's easygoing energy onstage. They continue the artistic tradition of drawing from their predecessors to create something new and relevant to the present but Diners extends their reach a little further than many of their contemporaries and builds their sound from that youthful, teenage heart of rocknroll: the 1950s, the last decade to hold claim on American innocence."
-YabYum Music & Arts

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Phoenix's Dogbreth have been tearing up the DIY punk scene for a while now with releases on Plan-it-X, Lost Sound Tapes, Skulltula, Anxiety Machine and more! The band was started by Tristan Jemsek and later joined by Erin Caldwell, Tyler Broderick and Nathan Leach. Constantly challenging what one expects from a punk band, Dogbreth constant touring schedule and onslaught of new material make them a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. Check out their new album "Sentimental Health" on CD through Diet Pop Records. Also available on vinyl through Plan-It-X Records.

"Phoenix punks Dogbreth evoke the seemingly endless possibilities of a summer’s day with their scruffy, poppy songs. The sweeping, sparkling guitars that light up their sophomore album, last year’s Sentimental Health (No Idea/Diet Pop/Lost Sound Tapes), sound just like it feels to open a screen door on a lush meadow that’s begging to be cartwheeled in."
-Chicago Reader

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Ex-Cowboy is a project created by Michael Huerta in Tucson, AZ. The band is a rotating cast of people and instrumentation including accordion, violin, cello, double bass, guitar, drums and even bass clarinet. The music is somehow a balance of dark overtones and alluring sensitivities all within a western setting. Their self-titled album is set to be released on Feb 27th, 2013 on Diet Pop Records. It was recorded by Petie Rondstat at LandMark Sound Recorders and produced by Logan Greene.

"Brandishing but a guitar and accordion, the Tucson, AZ duo perfectly recreate the heart and soul of the original score [of The Royal Tenenbaums] penned by Mark Mothersbaugh. Mixed into the lot is a spaghetti western vibe worthy of the band’s name, and vocals that recall Sparklehorse‘s Mark Linkous at his best."
-Drunken Werewolf

"Dark Appalachian folk songs, heavy on gloomy textures and high and lonesome Spaghetti Western soundtrack guitar ... Extraordinary and mysterious."
-Tucson Weekly

"There is an almost eerie, strange quality to the music of Ex-Cowboy that renders their music utterly irresistible to the ear. A combination of seemingly desert-chiselled vocals and a gentle array of Americana instruments come together in their self-titled debut album to make it a memorable one."

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Human Behavior

Human Behavior is a sort of dark, folk orchestra from Tucson, AZ. Originally a solo project of Andy Parada, the band has transformed into a 6-10 piece symphony with haunting melodies and lyrics. Instruments range from accordion to deer antlers and guitars to televisions. Their debut full-length was released in August, 2013 on vinyl by Folktale Records and on CD by Diet Pop Records and Folktale Records.

"The new album by Tucson’s Human Behaviour‘s Golgotha is one part Castanets mixed with two parts Moldy Peaches. Fun folky songs with witty lyrics and beautiful girl / boy vocal melodies. It’s fun, smart and most importantly, not pretentious. Everyone in Human Behaviour‘s part in this 8 piece (sometimes 9 ) band shines bright and clear. Is it weird that I also find this album sexy? Seriously, I kinda wanna go play this for my girl and make out for a long while. Not many bands do that for me. So yeah.. that’s a plus."
-Tuff Gnarl

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Logan Greene

Logan Greene started Diet Pop Records. This is really indulgent.

"Witness Logan Greene, standing on a chair in the entrance to TLMS, singing his heart out and bashing his guitar. Some of the songs he performed are usually played with his electric band, but great as his rhythm section is, they weren't missed. Greene has a fantastic voice and his lyrics are like scythes. While I never thought I'd favorably compare any act to emo also-rans Saves the Day, Greene one-ups them at their own game, which puts him more in line with legendary power poppers like Elvis Costello."
-Tucson Weekly

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Logan Greene Electric

Logan Greene Electric was formed in 2012 by Logan Greene, Ray Borboa and Robert Sidwell. They play straightforward powerpop in the tradition of bands like Badfinger, Squeeze and Weezer. In 2012, they recorded with Tim O'Sullivan at Eric Valentine's Barefoot Recording Studio (Third Eye Blind, Smashmouth) and toured the southwest. Their debut album is set for late 2013 on Diet Pop Records.

Robert Sidwell of LGE was also a contestant on the Price Is Right. There are pics.

"Logan Greene Electric plays a genre of music that feels a little foreign to someone whose ears have been shaped in downtown Phoenix, but that’s definitely a good thing. The band is unapologetic power pop. No shifts to hardcore punk halfway through the set, no psychedelic instrumental breaks, just a power trio playing power pop. That said, Logan Greene Electric is the product of musicians with real musical talent – not only was their set technically clean, it showcased very impressive solos and riffs for the power pop genre."
-METROnome music blog

"Infectious indie-rockers"
-Tucson Weekly

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