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Big Bad

Big Bad technically hails from Tucson, Arizona, but musically they are closer to Gainesville pop-punk. Songwriter Tim Milner creates absurdly catchy and lyrically mindful songs while cutting the fat and keeping them under 2 minutes each. In your face distortion and gang vocals blend perfectly with shared lead vocals and harmonies. Their debut album is out on Diet Pop Records in 2015.

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Butter Knifes

I first saw Butter Knifes at the end of the summer in 2014. I was blown away. The project's founder, Harrison Huffman, was only 12 years old and was performing one of the weirdest sets I've ever seen. The live show included an electric guitar and a crash cymbal both played with actual butter knives. Somehow these noisy, experimental songs were just as infectious as bubblegum pop tunes, but infinitely better to watch live. That's why it's fitting that Diet Pop Records is releasing Butter Knifes' Live At Trunk Space tape in 2015.

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DINERS is a Phoenix, AZ band playing clean, fun pop-rock music influenced by shows, parties and sometimes nonsense. Band members Tyler Broderick, Andrew Kendall, Tristan Jemsek and Kyle Daniels have all played in various projects around Phoenix and have found a great harmony together as DINERS. Their debut release, Throw Me A Ten, received lots of attention in their native desert valley and Diet Pop Records is excited to have released its follow up in 2014 with Phat N Phunky. Buy the album HERE.

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Phoenix's Dogbreth have been tearing up the DIY punk scene for a while now with releases on Plan-it-X, Lost Sound Tapes, Skulltula, Anxiety Machine and more! The band was started by Tristan Jemsek and later joined by Erin Caldwell, Tyler Broderick and Nathan Leach. Constantly challenging what one expects from a punk band, Dogbreth constant touring schedule and onslaught of new material make them a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. Check out their new album "Sentimental Health" on CD through Diet Pop Records. Also available on vinyl through Plan-It-X Records.

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El Paso raised Dubois are heavy hitting pop-punk with all the grit of the desert. Lalo Gurrola, Chris Trian, Ernie Carillo and Farshid Farrokhnia have been playing music together for years and are still crushin' it. FFO: Off With Your Heads, Jawbreaker, Dillinger Four

Order their split 7" with Secondaries right HERE

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Ex-Cowboy is a project created by Michael Huerta in Tucson, AZ. The band is a rotating cast of people and instrumentation including accordion, violin, cello, double bass, guitar, drums and even bass clarinet. The music is somehow a balance of dark overtones and alluring sensitivities all within a western setting. Their self-titled album was released on Feb 27th, 2013 on Diet Pop Records. It was recorded by Petie Rondstat at LandMark Sound Recorders and produced by Logan Greene. Purchase the CD version HERE.

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Human Behavior

Human Behavior is a sort of dark, folk orchestra from Tucson, AZ. Originally a solo project of Andy Parada, the band has transformed into a 6-10 piece symphony with haunting melodies and lyrics. Instruments range from accordion to deer antlers and guitars to televisions. Their debut full-length was released in August, 2013 on vinyl by Folktale Records and on CD by Diet Pop Records and Folktale Records. Their latest album, Bethphage, is also available on vinyl through Folktale Records and on CD through Diet Pop Records.

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Karima Walker

The desert flows through Karima Walker's veins and you can here it on their EP, "Take Your Time". Simple, yet soulful, Karima embodies more than just great melodies, but true soundscapes that firmly represent their emotions.

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LGE formed in 2012. They play a mixture of power-pop and pop-punk with comparisons to Saves The Day and The Ergs. Their first recordings were done by Mike Patton at Skrapyard Recordings, their second was done by Tim O'Sullivan at Eric Valentine's Barefoot Recordings (Smashmouth, Third Eye Blind) and their most recent was done by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios and Carl Johnson. Order the CD version HERE.

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Logan & Lucille

Logan & Lucille is an acoustic collaboration of musician Logan Greene and actress/singer Lucille Petty. Together, they write write fun, folky and sometimes serious songs with lyrics ranging from friendship to feminism. The music is raw and emotional, but the melodies are catchy and thoughtful all while the two harmonize both their voices and their instruments, a guitar and a ukulele. Their debut collaborative album was released in May of 2015, just before they embarked on a 60-day international tour throughout the US as well as France, Germany and the UK. Order the album by clicking here.

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Moon Bandits

Moon Bandits is a radical folk-punk band from Los Angeles, California. One of the hardest working bands in their scene, Moon Bandits never stops touring, booking shows and curating events for radical causes while running the space Bridgetown DIY in La Puente, CA. Tommy Danger (banjo) and Astrid Witchtree (violin) are the group's two primary members, though on their latest release Property Damage: A Love Story, they recruited Tiffany Thrasher on bass and Rileigh Danger on washboard. Order your copy of Property Damage: A Love Story on CD right HERE.

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A Los Angeles band tearin' up the pop-punk world, Secondaries plays loud and heavy with the most beautiful harmonies you've ever heard four smelly dudes make. See them all over the southern California punk scene and get blown away!

Order their split 7" with Dubois right HERE.

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Sorrytown is a Las Cruces emo-punk band who take the desolate nature of their desert hometown and transfer it into crushingly beautiful melodies and soundscapes. Akin to bands like Desaparecidos and Brand New, Sorrytown's heart wrenching lyrics combined with a piercing sonic clarity create a vibe that brings the listener into complex emotions. Their debut album comes out August 20th, 2016 through Diet Pop Records. Order HERE.

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The Plurals

The Plurals from Lansing, Michigan are the king, queen and jester of goof punk! Their pop-punk jams go from fun and poppy to strange and rockin' from one song to another. Hattie, Nich and Tommy make up the power trio and are the nicest folks ta boot! Check out their 2015 album "An Onion Tied To My Belt" out on vinyl and CD from GTG Records and Diet Pop! CLICK HERE TO ORDER

“This is the sort of straight-up no-bullshit punked-out rock’n’roll noise that eschews needless fancy schamcy pretense and instead goes right for the jugular with rip-snorting fury and abandon. Accolades don’t come much better than that.”
– Jersey Beat

“Certain artists pull you in. Hearing them makes you say “I could do that. I should do that!” The Ramones. The Minutemen. The Plurals belong in this company. Seeing them live is revelatory. They’re one of the few groups today whose influences aren’t merely contemporary, yet they don’t fall into some retro trap either. They simply play rock music, styles and conventions and trends be damned.”
– Razorcake

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Wolvves is a band out of Phoenix, Arizona. They are passionate and apathetic. They are straightforward and complex. They are equal parts rock, indie, hip-hop and punk. Members Aydin Immortal, Xack Parker, Isaac Parker and Max Martinez create high-energy, hook-filled jams that make you either want to jump up and scream along or chill back and smoke some weed. Check out their latest album "Whatever" through Diet Pop Records and Lolipop Records.

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