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[On the new EP "Dead Formats"] "Dead Formats" is a freewheeling, rollicking record of five fantastic tracks that exchange the somewhat-adolescent, yet still valid, concerns of relationships and coming-of-age mini-dramas that were intrinsic to his earlier work for a more visceral and aggressive stance that recalls mid-period Husker Du or Squirrel Bait." -TUCSON WEEKLY

"Logan Greene Electric plays a genre of music that feels a little foreign to someone whose ears have been shaped in downtown Phoenix, but that’s definitely a good thing. The band is unapologetic power pop. No shifts to hardcore punk halfway through the set, no psychedelic instrumental breaks, just a power trio playing power pop. That said, Logan Greene Electric is the product of musicians with real musical talent – not only was their set technically clean, it showcased very impressive solos and riffs for the power pop genre." -METROnome music blog