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"Brandishing but a guitar and accordion, the Tucson, AZ duo perfectly recreate the heart and soul of the original score [of The Royal Tenenbaums] penned by Mark Mothersbaugh. Mixed into the lot is a spaghetti western vibe worthy of the band’s name, and vocals that recall Sparklehorse‘s Mark Linkous at his best." -Drunken Werewolf

"Dark Appalachian folk songs, heavy on gloomy textures and high and lonesome Spaghetti Western soundtrack guitar ... Extraordinary and mysterious." -Tucson Weekly

"There is an almost eerie, strange quality to the music of Ex-Cowboy that renders their music utterly irresistible to the ear. A combination of seemingly desert-chiselled vocals and a gentle array of Americana instruments come together in their self-titled debut album to make it a memorable one."

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